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Customer surveys done by our Customer Service department and service engineers amongst the large family of Avatys customers point to the following:

  • More than 75% of all purchase are made on the strength of referrals and recommendation of existing customers (word of mouth publicity). Based on a program to determine future profitability of the company based on current level of delighted customer who is actively engaged in promoting the products (missionaries) it is found that the % of promoters has been increasing steadily since we began tracking this figure more than 2 years ago.
  • At present more the 50% of Avatys customer are actively promoting the products, this coincides with the percentage of delighted customer which is above 50%.
  • We care all the customer after sale of product and provide door step customer service.
  • We provide product service to our customer within actual time that is actual my strength.
  • We care those customer that their product warranty expire. We provide AMC service to proper functioning of product.

Our Promise

After Sale Service:

  • One year Replacement Warranty.
  • One Phone Call away.
  • Service at your door step.
  • Well equipped company with authorized local service centre.
  • Facility of AMC after expiry of warranty.