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What is Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water system ?

Reverse osmosis initially developed as an astrological technique in the United State, indicates a water reverse theory in nature, that is make the contaminated or polluted water be purified so that the complex material in water can be released and pure water in the end.

NASA, at first applied this theory in purification the astronauts' urine as a resource for drinking water in space. Presently this water purification is been widely used in U.S. families, which virtually demonstrate a milestone in man's creation for drinking resource. E-con ensure that every drop of water is just the way nature intended it to be pure, safe and sparkling fresh, specially designed for the areas having hard water. E-con is equipped with unique Reverse osmosis Technology. And a five stage purification process. E-con reduces hardness and revives the taste of water, while making water chemically and micro biologically potable as well as reducing TDS (Total Dissolve Solid), heavy metal, contaminants and pesticides. Your Riva Pure TM E-con, and you will never ever have to compromises on the water you drink.

How R.O. is better than U.V. ?

ContaminationCaused Disease % Removed
Bacteria/Virus Bacteria/Viral Disease 100 0
Pyrogen Fever 100 0
Pesticides Cancer 97 0
Sodium Heart Disease 92 0
Calcium Kidney Stone 97 0
Magnesium Kidney Stone 95 0
Lead Mental Retardation 97 0
Copper Indigestion 97 0
Nitrate Dysentery 80 0
Fluoride Florists 90 0
Arsenic Poisoning 97 0

The five stage of purification in Riva Pure TM E-con

  • Pre filter- Filters the coarse solid particles upto 5 micron.
  • Sediment filter- A high dense filter core filters finer solid particles upto 1 micron, to maintain a long term use of the system.
  • Pre-RO Carbon- By pressing and absorbing the piratical of water, it can filter Ethylene dichloride, bleaching liquids, chemicals, chlorine, smells and other harmful chemicals.
  • RO membrane Elements- Water under pressure is passed through membrane having pure dia of .0001 om that removes all bacteria and viruses with more than 90% of dissolved salts and only allows required residual minerals and pure water molecules. Purified water impurities are flushed through reject port.
  • Post RO Carbon- Silver impregnated activated carbon. In this Chamber by pressed and absorbing the particles of water, separates molecular components of water and caused no second pollution.