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Best Domestic RO Purifiers - Riva RO

Since 1993 our mission has been to provide safer drinking water globally and to deliver Quality and cost effective RO systems that provide powerful solutions for all water treatment applications.

We are one of the leading manufactrer & supplier of the most advanced and best quality reverse osmosis water filtration and treatment systems for residential, commercial, industrial, seawater, pharmaceutical, military, international RO water treatment systems and more. Recent studies have raised serious concerns regarding the quality of reverse osmosis water purification systems and RO filtration systems from overseas importers offering low quality and pricing. We offer only the best reverse osmosis water filters, reverse osmosis systems and RO water treatment systems.

Riva Ro

Advantages of RIVA RO Purifiers

The five stages of purification in Riva RO system.

1. Pre Filter : Filters the coarse solid particles upto 5 micron.
2. Sediment filer : A high dense filter core filters finer solid particles upto 1 micron, to maintain a long term use of the system.
3. Pre-RO Carbon : By pressing and absorbing the particles of water, it can filter Ethlene dichloride, bleaching liquids, chemicals, chlorine, smeslls and other harmful chemicals.
4. RO Membrane Elements : Water under pressure is passed through membrane having pure dia of 0.0001 up that removes all bacteria and viruses with more than 90% of dissolved slts and only allows required residual minerals and pure water molecules. Purified water is then collected for use in a storage tank and water impurities are flushed through reject port.
5. Post RO Carbon : Silver impregnated activated carbon. In this chamber by pressing and absorbing the particles of water, separates molecular components of water and causes second pollution.

Riva Ro